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Water Damage Marion

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When it comes to eliminating the effects of any restoration scenario, people rely on 911 Restoration Southern Illinois owner John Fowler and his water damage Marion team to take care of them and their property with kid gloves.

Water Damage Restoration Cleanup“My water damage Marion crew and I have all the experience and skill needed to eliminate the damage from any sort of restoration situation,” John says. “And we always put our customer and their needs as our top priority so that we can give people back the home or business they love without missing a beat.”

John and his Marion staff know that the best way to mitigate the effects of any kind of disaster situation is to be at the scene quickly to start providing their services.

“We can be anywhere within 45 minutes to start taking care of business,” John explains. “This gives us the ability to get on top of any event and help to prevent additional challenges from arising as a result of stagnation.”

If your home or business is dealing with water damage issues, and you need the professional services of John and his water damage Marion crew with 911 Restoration Southern Illinois, then don’t wait another minute to reach out today!

Water Damage Restoration

The vast variety of variables present in a water damage Marion situation require expertise to be taken care of properly, and this is why John and his crew should be your first call for help when such a situation springs up.

Water Damage Pipe Burst Outside“Be it a pipe burst, water heater malfunction, toilet overflow, or whatever else goes wrong, we’ve seen and solved it all,” John exclaims. “This is how we have become the go-to source for services in the area, and people trust us to take care of their home like we’re family.”

John and his water damage Marion crew know that the best way to limit the amount of loss that a water damage scenario causes is to get there immediately, and to do that they are available 24/7/365 for any situation.

“Even if a storm causes your roof to cave in in the middle of the night, we can be there to take care of it quickly,” John says. “It doesn’t matter what the issue is, where it occurs, or how bad it has gotten, we’ll be there to save the day, even if it’s in the middle of a holiday weekend, because we truly care about our customers and their homes.”

If your property is already amid a damage event and you want the most capable and experienced technicians in the industry to make it like new again, then don’t wait another minute to get in touch with John and his water damage restoration Marion crew with 911 Restoration Southern Illinois today!

Sewage Backup Cleanup

When a sewage backup situation unfurls it brings with it a bevy of challenges that take a master restoration expert to amend, and this is why people trust in the quality and reliability of John and his sewage backup cleanup Marion team to take care of them and their property.

“Sewage is dangerous stuff, and people should not attempt to remedy a backup situation on their own as they might be exposing themselves to a host of parasites and diseases that can potentially be lethal,” John says. “That’s why we don full body hazmat suits to prevent any category three water from coming into contact with our sewage backup cleanup Marion technicians.”

Sewage backups occur all the time, but one of the most common sources is the backflow valve in their home system. This can fail over time, and John suggests checking it now and again to make sure it is in perfect working condition.

“Another technique that people can use to prevent most sewage backup cleanup situations is to never place anything down the plumbing system that it was not intended to accept,” John explains. “This can include multi-ply and even products that claim to be biodegradable as well. Just don’t flush em.”

If your home or business is going through the effects of a sewage backup cleanup Marion scenario at present and you want everything to look like new again, then trust in the expertise and skill of John and his sewage backup cleanup Marion crew with 911 Restoration Southern Illinois to get the job done right today!

Disaster Restoration

“No matter what form the disaster arrives in, be it a flood scenario, fire outbreak, mold invasion, a tornado or even severe snowstorm, we are there for our clients to take care of everything,” John explains.

Taking charge in a disaster restoration event means more than just getting to the location of the trouble immediately, it also means having the skills and knowledge to tackle any kind of challenge that arises.

“We are totally mobilized with all of the right tools for any disaster restoration scenario,” John says. “We can be anywhere with the latest and greatest tools for the job, and this gives us the ability to take care of people and their homes more efficiently, and that allows us to provide an incredible value for the high quality services we offer.”

Many times in disaster situations, the event is not covered by typical insurance plans, and this is why John will work with any insurance carrier, or the homeowner if the situation isn’t covered.

Taking on a disaster restoration situation means immediacy as well as a level of skill that can only be acquired from regular incursions into the field, and this is why John and his disaster restoration Marion team are the most trusted providers of restoration services in the area.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

When it comes to the effects that a fire and smoke damage episode can cause, the best solution is to utilize the experience and talent of restoration professionals like John and his fire and smoke damage restoration Marion team with 911 Restoration Southern Illinois.

Fire and smoke damage projects tend to involve a large quantity of water too, and this is because the fire department tends to use as much water as is needed to completely eliminate the chances of a blaze reigniting.

“Water damage almost always accompanies a fire and smoke damage restoration project,” John explains. “And that’s why we want to help people by getting to the site of their emergency as quickly as we can to begin our work.”

Fire and smoke damage also tends to affect more than just the area of the property with visible effects. This is because when a fire does break out it tends to send smoke through the ventilation system into the rest of the entire property.

“Ducts will push smoke all over a whole home in a matter of a few minutes, so even if the fire broke out in the kitchen, it might still smell like fire in every other room of the home,” John explains. “This is why we provide secure removal and storage of contents and belongings so that we can bring a house back to its original state in its totality.”

If your home has recently been through a fire and smoke damage event and you want to feel like the restoration work is so good that it never happened, then contact John and the fire and smoke damage Marion team with 911 Restoration Southern Illinois today!

Mold Removal

John and his IICRC certified mold removal Marion crew have seen all conceivable forms of mold and fungus in their time in the field, and this level of experience and familiarity allows them to know precisely what to do when they take on new jobs.

Water Damage Restoration Vans And Trucks Ready At HeadquaretersWater Damage Restoration Vans And Trucks Ready At Headquareters“We’ve catalogued all forms of mold that exist in people’s homes and businesses, and we know precisely how to kill each and every one of them so that they never return,” John explains.

Because mold spores are constantly airborne they can take hold wherever there is a consistent amount of water to breed with.

“This makes mold extremely good at surviving any abatement efforts that homeowners can take on their own,” John explains. “Bleach alone won’t cut it, and this is why we use containment measures, air filters and purifiers, as well as all of the latest mold testing technology to make sure that it doesn’t migrate to a new section of your home or business when we do a preliminary elimination.”

Mold spores love dank places to form colonies and this is why people tend to find them after water incidents that they have attempted to remedy on their own.

“We get called all the time for mold abatement jobs from people who had damage not long ago,” John explains. “If people had done the proper restoration work from the jump, it never would have become moldy, and this is why we suggest using professional services from the start.”

If your home is already smelling musty with the pungency of a mold contamination, then don’t wait for it to grow into a larger colony that is more difficult to remove. Contact John and the mold removal Marion team with 911 Restoration Southern Illinois today!

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